Local Businesses, Giving Local Discounts, To Local People...

County Discounts and Coupons is all about two things.  Getting local people coupons from local vendors, and giving local vendors a way to reach local people.

See the Difference!

The Difference for the End User:

  • There are a lot of coupon sites out there, but we are striving to do something different.
  • We don't collect any user information unless you specifically sign up for our vendor mailing lists.  That means you don't even have to register with us to print a coupon.  No sign-up, No log in, No personal information, means no long term issues!
  • We don't have any fancy printer software to install to get the coupons.  You simply select the company, their information comes up, and you print the page like any normal website.  We don't allow any Spyware or Malware on our site!
  • We don't partner with any third party companies that install tracking cookies on our site to see where you're going or what you're printing.

The Difference for the Advertisers:

  • We give a very affordable way to advertise year round to the people that mean the most, LOCAL people.
  • We give you the ability to choose what options you want on your dedicated page.  If you want a logo, a website link, a description, even social media links, we've got you covered.
  • We give you the ability to change your coupons/discounts anytime, instead of locking you into one offer like print advertisers.
  • We let you choose to submit your own coupons, or upgrade for the option to have one designed for you.
  • We strive to use multiple ways of advertising our sites, and therefore advertise for you.  We are not locked into any one way of getting people to your personalized page.